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Looking back over the past 14 years of being in business and even a bit further back to the 20-year mark when we were all employees of other companies, we’ve come to recognize that life always improved wherever we set our foot. We found that we were good at creating order out of chaos.

We’ve asked ourselves why?

In part, if we synthesize the answer down to the two things we have control over, it would be an old school work ethic and the ability to think outside of the box. We’ve found practical solutions, used new approaches to old problems, put systems in place and whenever possible adapted new tools to our trade.

Utilizing these new technology tools as they became available such as adopting BIM in the early 2000’s, applying our own 3D printer to the manufacturing of study models in 2013, and now with the availability of a virtual reality experience, we have finally been able to close the gap between theory and practical application of the design process.

These tools have allowed us to help our clients, stakeholders or other decision makers to actually experience and interact with their properties before they are ever built, and in doing so, avoid costly mistakes, poor choices and most importantly saving time.

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Full adoption and insertion of Virtual Reality into our consulting practice.
  • Used in various NY Rising projects and private residential clients.
  • 1st Presbyterian Church of Babylon Design and Renovation
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Use of 360° photography and video to capture field conditions before and during construction.
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Contract Prime Vendor’s GOSR contract in (elevation of residential houses) increased to 3 million cap
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Awarded MBE and WBE status with NYS and Nassau County.
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Insertion of 360° static views in to assist in the design process, assist in acquiring stakeholder feedback/eventual sign off.
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Became subconsultant to Prime Vendor in GOSR housing recovery assisting in Prime’s securing in 2 million dollar cap award.
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Began serving individual Long Islanders in their recovery effort through the NY Rising Program
Became approved vendors in the Northwell System.
  • Brought into Southside Hospital at the Executive Level
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Re-Invited to speak at Stony Brook University medical school
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Beta test of the A.S.S.I.S.T. to Home® lectures series with United Spinal Association.
  • Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation
  • Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • Helen Hayes Hospital
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1st in-house 3D printing of study models. The manufacturing of these models assisted with client visualization of finished project.
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Invited to speak at the following locations:
  • Stony Brook University medical school
  • The Shepherd Center in Atlanta GA
  • International Symposium on Life Care Planning
Invited to speak at the following locations:
  • Universal Design Summit 5 in St. Louis MO
  • For the Town of North Hempstead
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3 days after Sandy till several weeks spent assisting friends and neighbors in Rockaways with hands on efforts, securing supplies and assisting with distribution
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Provided the initial concepts for Helen Hayes’s Smart Apartment.
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All operations in the Construction arena Ceased.
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Speaker at the Universal Design Summit 4, St. Louis
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Adoption of BIM
Volunteer time spent in Gulf Port, MS 6 months after Hurricane Katrina assisting in the recovery effort.
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Doors opened as a Home Improvement Firm with a strong focus on residential accessibility.
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